Google Algorithm Update 26 Oct 2021

During the Google Algorithm Update 26 Oct 2021, webmasters experienced some changes in their traffic. However, as per the overview on health, tech, sports niche may not find many changes. However, it supports some improvements for those who really do quality backlinks to their website. As you know, Google is really supporting those webmasters who are doing quality SEO for the website.

Google July 2021 core update was really something greatest experience to most of the webmasters. Digital marketers are awaiting yet another core update. However, Core Web vitals was really an amazing update, some of the people might be confused while a 500-1000 word content is not yet fetching by Google. A lot of backlinks were created and the algorithm is affecting the index.

No High DA website downranked

People are really focusing on improving their DA by increasing backlinks continuously. With the expert’s advice and with the SEO company support, many are doing self SEO and authorizing them for the work. The importance ranking to a high DA website that has received high backlinks is really something great. As a matter of fact, in our projects, we didn’t find a downgrade in the rank for those High DA achieved websites.

Not all the SEO tools will be showing the same deflection, as it might build with their algorithm. However, if a webmaster needs to find any issues that happened to their website, you can find it at the search console, if it’s a serious issue. Also, that website that is updated on regular basis supported the ranking with traffic.

Yes, the importance of maintaining website traffic in a very has a great role in maintaining Google rank for the other keywords. As if the keyword ranking is achieved ad traffic is generating with quality backlinks, you don’t need to get worried about the Google unconfirmed or even the core updates that are released every time.

If you want to know more about the same and to find digital marketing support, speak with your SEO expert for suggestions or recommendations.

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